The Hidden life Diary of a Doctor’s wife in Taiwan

I was born in Changhua, Taiwan, I grew up a happy child with my 6 siblings in a male dominated society. My life in the early days up to about 12 was quite privelidged with my domineering but loving father working hard building a very successful business that provided us with a luxury life. Sadly that was not to last, my father began to succumb to the pleasures that wealth can bring and his generosity to others, gambling, women and alcohol soon turned our lives around we became a large family struggling to make ends meet with a loving but alcoholic father. He loved his kids and my mom, but it was my mom that suffered as the target of his severe mood changes, but she never fought back or seemed angry, at all times she remained calm and acceptant of her fate Little did I know that in years to come my life would follow that same path.

            I had a wonderful childhood in a loving family with some of the privileges afforded to me as my father’s favourite daughter. My life was full of innocence and fun…….. right up to the point where I married. He was the most handsome of all the Doctors a brilliant Physiatrist with the prospects of a brilliant career ahead of him. But behind the façade was a black side that was to bring me close to suicide on many occasions, only the strength drew from my three beautiful children gave me the courage to carry on living this secret life, to outsiders the perfect, rich and successful family, but once the door was closed and I was alone with him, my life was full of anguish, threats and beatings.

            Because of my kids I stayed in this horrible marriage and only a few close friends knew of the troubled life I was leading, violence, drugs and beatings. I promised myself one day when the kids are grown up, then my life will begin, but what I didn’t know was that how true that would be.

            After 23 years one of the beatings eventually lead to a court order which meant he would have to leave the family home and little did I know on that very same day I would meet the man, a foreigner from the other side of the world that would turn my life on its head. All it took was one hug and in that hug I felt all the love, protection and warmth that I had craved for 23 years. That hug was all I needed.

For all these past 35 years my escape was my diary,I recorded all my feelings and the events, it helped so much it was a little release from the dark side of my life.

In the recent past and from my home in England I would like to think my diaries might just be able to help others understand the secret lives of those women that have suffered in silence at the hands of an abusive husband. It’s not as bad I have three wonderful kids and now I am at last content, I still carry some physical and mental scars, but I’m safe, loved and feel free.

I still love Taiwan and my now ex-husband has passed away.I hope you find these diary extracts an insight into the life of a family that despite the curse of a violent husband survived and made them and me what we are today.

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