EP6 : Propose

He was 8 years older than me, he had two brothers more than 10 years older than him and he mentioned many times that he would love to have a younger sister. I think in his eyes I fulfilled the roll of younger sister.


On the Sunday as usual I went to Church and I felt compelled to confess my sins (My Kiss), I was afraid God might punish me! After the service I returned home and my Mom told me a Dr Chen had called me and asked that I ring him back. I phoned him and he asked “was I OK?" and he invited me out again that night. We went to Taichung for a movie and for a walk around the second market looking for food. Again I was shocked this time in the cinema, when we sat down he immediately put his feet up on the back of the seat in front, goodness I thought what bad manners from a Doctor !


Over the following dates we spent most of this time playing guitar and singing and then one night he said

“I’ll become a senior Doctor next month and its Doctors Day’, I’d like to buy you a ring". I was so naive, “Why do you want to buy me a ring"? And on Doctors Day! He replied, “Because I was thinking you are so good at looking after others I wondered how it would be if we were married" I was lost for words, I was shocked and confused, I was 23 years of marriageable age, but I knew nothing of “LOVE, I was speechless. I gasped and blurted out “But…..my family is not rich, I can’t cook….I am wearing contact lenses……I scrabbled to find excuses, Doctors only marry into rich familes. He replied sternly, “Do you think I would marry for the love of money, who you think I am?"


I was 23 and knew nothing about sex……I had absolutely no idea all that had passed me by, it was never part of my education. One of my nurse friends, Lin worked in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and she was married, so she must know about these things and maybe she can teach me. I was reluctant to ask, but I did, however the answer was terrifying, she said “when you have sex it’s like someone slowly, slowly,cutting you with a knife!!!! My God,…………. I was really scared now.


I shared my anxiety with my married best friend May, she told me."have plenty of tissues ready" oh dear, that was no reassurance, it just confirmed my fears.

The start of our relationship was all about music and singing, and my impression of what was to come was

based on that experience alone.

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