The easy excuse is to blame everything that happens on FATE and what we did in a previous life we have to pay for in this one! Giving in and accepting our fate and that there is no escape…We deserve this life……

That year, he left the hospital and never contacted me, it felt like God had played a trick on me. A year later was diagnosed with Colerectal Polyps and to avoid having invasive surgery by opening my stomach, I decided to go to Taipei for the latest laser treatment

The night before my operation I was at the hospital and by chance I bumped into him in the canteen, He was shocked and so happy to see me, he said, “When I think of Changhua Hospital, I always think of you". He explained he was doing some special training, one year at Tai Da Hospital and that’s the only reason he left Changhua.

His pleasure to see me and his tender words put me under his spell, he genuinely cared and had never forgotten me. He added that there was a Hospital Christian party and music concert the next day, he was going to play and would I like to go? I was so flattered and it was music bringing us together again, I said of course I’d love to go". During the previous year I had missed out playing and singing. The next night at the party when he was on stage, one song stirred my sole and softened my heart,a love song……’Unchained Melody’, with this song he stirred the hearts of the listeners and he was irrestible……what I saw and heard was spell binding….I was hooked again.

           After my treatment in Taipei,I went back to Changhua and one week later I received a letter from him. He said he had reapplied for a post at Changhua and would I help him to find a house. My friendship with him had led to many rumours that we were dating, but that’s not how I saw it, we were just two friends that had a joint love of listening and playing music, nothing more.

           Music and singing was the only thing we had in common. We competed in a singing concert together and I set up a classical guitar association at the hospital.I invited an accomplished Guitar Teacher, Mr Hong to teach in the hospital and I also started a Folk Music Group for him (my future husband) to teach others. I arranged many concerts and became an important part of the social scene in the hospital, arranging these events increased my popularity, because of the joy I brought through my concerts. When he sang with Dr Yang this was the highlight of the concert and it was impossible not

to feel good.

           After he moved back to Changhua we spent more time together, singing and playing, sometimes | went to his rented Japanese style house. Then one night he suddenly…..held me and kissed me……I was shocked and terrified. I felt like a little terrified bird and that I had committed a heinous crime…..but, he picked up his guitar and sang……… This girl is turning into a woman……I was deeply embarrassed and flustered, On the way home I felt shaken and choked and kept swallowing I was afraid to look at others in case they could tell…….. I had just been kissed!

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