EP4 : Respect

            He had to release all his stress and anger and I became the enemy, the way to offload all is negative internal feelings, I was the release!

            Perhaps this was why he married me I was vulnerable, an easy target, but unfortunately his unhappiness was burying me.

            When I look back to the days before we married, we both worked in the same hospital and often we both took out guitars to work and together we played and sang all of the songs written by our college Dr Yang. Sometime we would go through his entire song book, this was a real pleasure a good time and the time just flew by.

            During the weekends arranged for 6 or 7 of my colleagues to visit the Blind Children’s Home in Taichung, He was one of us and he played guitar and we all sang with the children. It enriched our lives to see the pleasure and the smiles it brought to the faces of the children. Sadly we realized that many of the parents never actually visited these kids and so we increased the frequency of our visits.

            On evening after one of these visits we all went for supper to a local restaurant. After the dinner, the waitress came over to clear the tables, he was sitting alone in the corner and the waitress asked him to pass his plates, he refused and said “Isn’t that your job". I was shocked by his attitude and his response and I thought how rude he is

             I remember I wrote in my diary, I could never marry a man who had such a short temper and lack of respect for others.

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