EP : 11 Enlightening

My husband’s English was expellant, he told me he had memorised the whole English Dictionary whilst in High school and that he never bothered to listen to the English teacher because it wao toо easy and he spent the class time reading English novels undet the deck. I admired his ability to opeak fluent English and embarrassed for myself because beside him my English skills were so poor. In the early days of our marriage I could not bring myself to speak English in front of him. However in attending the Doctors Conferences as his wife I sometimes had to try and speak to the visiting Speakers in English. Many of the lecturers were from overseas, USA, England etc. and their first language was English, very daunting as the Doctors wife to have to utter sentences In my poor English.

One year, the famous American family therapist Virginia Satir came to Taiwan as our visiting speaker. She was a lovely and very charismatic and lady. She charmed everyone with her style and was very approachable and eager to engage in conversation.

After the conference some Doctors and their wives arranged a trip to Kenting Beach Resort and Miss Satir went with us. During this vacation we arranged to have ‘couple therapy’  with Miss Satir .For me it was a wonderful and enlightening experience, I felt I learned so much from those sessions. But, one thing that struck me when the Senior Doctor introduced Miss Satir, his English was stumbling and not fluent at all. I was so surprised,I always held these people in highesteem and assumed their English would be perfect and that my skills would always be inferior. From that moment my confidence was raised, I was not so dumb after all……I had the desire to speak English in public again.

I realised that sometimes the fears generated in our minds are not always born out in reality. Since then I’ve always told my children, do not be afraid to make mistakes because those can often be the best lessons in life, ones we should never forget!

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