EP 10 : Self-esteem

            The Chief Doctor was from Taiwan Medical University, the best in Taiwan. He regularly invited Professors from Taiwan Medical to give talks and lectures and also arranged many Medical Conferences. After all the formalities of these events there was always a meal and the Doctors wives also attended, many of whom were also graduates from Taiwan Medical. In this august company my humble back ground made me feel a little uncomfortable. During the general conversations they often referred to themselves as graduates of Tai Dai (Taiwan Medical) we this and we that I was just a college graduate and I felt inferior and of low status.

            Their confidence was very obvious in the way they spoke with loud confidence and also even their dress would reflect their status and wealth, all this made me feel very inferior. I tried to keep in the shadows I was definitely no shining star.

            One of the Conferences was held in my home city of Kaohsiung and I was asked my husband to accompany him. As usual after the speeches there was a meal and I was grouped with all the Tai Dai wives. The Visiting Professor was Dr Miller from UCLA and during the informal introductions  I was introduced to Dr Miller, he said “Hello, how are you". I was so nervous, I was speechless and could only smile back at him, how could could dare to speak in my limited English in front of this Professor and the Tai Dai wives. I was English Speech Champion in my school, but in this elevated company I did not dare attempt to reply in English.

            That evening there was another informal meal and I decided that it would be better not to go and have to face this embarrassment twice in one day! So, my husband went alone.

            Fifteen minutes later, my husband returned home, “Get dressed Dr Miller has insisted you attend, he wants to see you again" I was flattered, he was kind enough to remember me, this little simple potato, my self-esteem was raised and I attended with a renewed confidence and from that time I attended all the Doctors lectures and conferences.

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